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Dyslexic combination of "Fabulous & Fantastic"
Girl! You look fabtastic tonight.
by Mick Fagre August 10, 2006
Fabulously fantastic! (Combo of the two words 'cause saying both together is way too much!)
I spoke with him the other day. He's so fabtastic!
by Paddybainski August 06, 2006
a word that combines fabulous and fantastic. Used by most 12 year old girls who shop at Abercrombie & Fitch, but can't fit into their clothes anyway.
That sequins shoe is fabtastic! like O-M-G!
by weas June 19, 2005
someone or something that is so fantastic and so fabulous that its both!
that steak was so fabstatic.

Man I like you so much, i just want to say that your fabtastic.
by Nikhil Mathew February 13, 2007
It's the combination of "fabulous" and "fantastic".
I heard the pool at James crib is fabtastic!
by edamaslow December 28, 2010

Exceedingly fabulous and fantastic.
George’s joke this morning was Fabtastic
by George Boyle August 03, 2007
a really fab word. the combination of fabulous and fantastic.
my hair is so fabtastic!
by Hopee August 23, 2005