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the act of your parents calling other parents after you have been caught drinking light beer and trying to get them in trouble.
i cant believe your parents fabbersed my parents last night after you u skulled that light beer, that you stole from them.
by reeece October 03, 2006
1. A shortened version of more fabulous.
2. More fab than fab.

3. Predominately used in the OC
Tiffini: "Hey girls, how do I look in this bikini?"
Becka"OMG you look totally fab"
Michelle: "I think this bikini would be fabber on you"
by girl_with_brain August 13, 2010
One that is more fabulous 💁
Kaylee and Aishalyn are fabber than you! 👯
by PizzaIsLifeeee August 16, 2014