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Fishing, Archery, Bee-bee guns
At camp Trillium we get to go to FAB, or swimming, or the dunes
by Laura Seddon July 11, 2005
fag ass bicth . i'd mean gay preson who talhk with there hands and bicths all the time
look at at that person is FAB talk with there hands
by jason mcroja August 21, 2005
An acronym with two possible meanings:
1: Fine Ass Bitch
2: F*ckin' Affirmative, Brotha Brother
1: Dude, check that F A B!!
2: Chef: There's a time and a place for everything, and it's called college. Do you understand?
Cartman: That's F A B.
by P-DOGG the Apostle July 11, 2005
From the Hit TV series "Thunder Birds". when Tracy island (the base) would call up one of the thunder brids and be like "ey whats up"? the answer would be "not much, over and out F A B".
F A B stands for "Fucking A' Base". sotive like 'yah read you loud an clear'.
Tracy Island: Scott take Thurder Bird one Home
Scott: aight Dad, over and out, F A B (Fucking A Base)
by Bob Dog November 21, 2005
The 'effect' u hav 2 b born wit haz bitchs runin at U left and right u . Ya cant walk past women wit out dem ripin ya cloths off wit dere teeth yea u no wat we mean.
100%% class wit a hole lota ass
by CHRIS March 21, 2005
Fine ass bitch

"My best friend is one FAB, so don't screw her over"
by WisewomanJ August 13, 2014