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A bastardised version of "Fo' sho' nigga", which is a bastardised version of "for sure my nigga", which is a bastardized version of "I completely concur my african-american brother"
Is that your hoe? Nigga she fly.
F'shizzle my n'izzle
by Franklin Grimes January 23, 2006
It simply means for sure my nigga!
It's the d-o double gizzle for F'shizzle my n'izzle
by Karlton July 01, 2005
Term created by inner city youth expressing obvious agreemet, but eradicated from use once it was adopted by mainstream America as a parody of inner city youths.
White Guy: "I sure could use a beer"
Whiter Guy: "f'shizzle my n'izzle"
Non-white Guy: Rolls eyes
by SaasPimpn October 21, 2005
it means, for sure my nigger.
not sure why snoop dog ever said it, or why america adopted it, because a few years ago that term was degrading... and wait, it still is today.
dude #1: damn her ass is fine.
dude #2: f'shizzle my n'izzle.
me: wtf.
by my_glasses_ are_dirty January 22, 2006
a word used by white kids who try to be funny by imitating snoop dogg, or who are just stupid asses
white kid: f'shizzle my n'izzle
other: shut up fuckin cracker
by Proud Beaner January 20, 2006
for sure mate
"you wanna go to the pub tonight?"
"yeah, fshizzle my nizzle, see you at nine"
by Aisylene August 17, 2006
Just to clarify... Snoop interpolated Double Dutch Bus (which was written by Bill Bloom and Frankie Smith) and originally performed by Frankie Smith (NOT the Gap Band). The "izzles" and "izzos" were introduced to urban pop culture by DDB in 1981, however, Snoop took it to a new level.
Dizouble Dizutch... Double Dutch.
by Erin Bloom August 30, 2004
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