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Alternative way of saying "fuck off". Used when typing "fuck" would be stopped. e.g. chat rooms
You: f'cough
by jeff24 May 23, 2005
another way of saying fuck off
Online user 1: Hey Sally will you go out with me
Online user 2: #@%! off.
Wut the crap.
by jerrythecow February 28, 2006
An all-too-obvious way to say "Fuck off" on a vanity license plate when one thinks the DMV won't know what it means.
Someone has "FCOUGH" on her license plate. Soon she'll have a complaint letter sent to the DMV!
by pentozali December 19, 2009
An alternative way to type fuck up. When someone is a big ass loser they are a f'cough, like the word hiccough (also spelled hiccup).
"No, I decided not waste any more of my time with that loser! He's a total f'cough!"
by CarolMei May 09, 2007
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