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A gay guy who's flamboyant enough to be addicted to eyeliner and other traditionally girly things. Eyeliner is often accompanied by hair gel, highlights, manicures, good fashion sense and feminine hand gestures.

You can mock them for their flamboyancy, but ultimately they win by looking 10x hotter than you and getting all the guys... and being surrounded by heartbroken girls who fell helplessly in love with them for some unknown reason.

Often associated with emo culture nowadays, but it doesn't always refer to whiny teens.

Classic eyeliner fags: Adam Lambert, Scotty Vanity... and Jack from Will & Grace is very, very close.
-"That guy you were telling me about, Ryan... think he'd want to go see the game tonight?"
-"Ryan? God, no. He's a total eyeliner fag. Macy's a much better bet with him."
by RickyRaccoon February 12, 2011
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