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Eyedam is a version of the name Adam, but it is pronounced 'eye-dam'. It is a more pimp version of the name. Whenever Eyedam enters a room everyone notices because he announces his name before and after he leaves. Eyedam also likes ot jerk off mice and rabbits in the lab for scientific purposes. Whenever anyone tells Eyedam something he always says 'good' in a very high pitched voice.
'Eyedam is entering the room, it's Eyedam'

Person 1: 'Why is he jerking off mice and watching rabbits have sex with each other?
Person 2: 'He must be an Eyedam!'

Person 1: 'Hey Eyedam, here are those rabbits and mice you asked for...'
Eyedam: 'Good, good!...'
by davfid December 07, 2011
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