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Looking into the eyes of another for far too long, in a lecherous way.
Dude, that girl just eye fucked the shit out of me.
by Robby Avila July 27, 2005
221 161
To stare at someone flirtatiously or insinuating sex.
"The proper hat lady just eye fucked the shit out of me."
by cerealkiller182 October 31, 2005
881 188
when you catch someones eyes or lock with them for a split second that is really hot as hell, and then you picture yourself having wild sex with them
dude, i think that kid over there just gave me an eye fuck
by stabby stabiliza September 01, 2006
602 296
When a person--usually a girl--checks you out in such a manner as to pretend she's having sex with you. A very good sign for the bachelor.
John: Dude that girl just eyefucked me so bad.
Kevin: Go over there and whip it out.
Paul: Whip what out?
Kevin: Shut up and fix your eyeliner.
by Brett Manrash July 19, 2005
412 227
to stare at someone, insinuating that you want sex

and to number one, the correct quote from wedding crashers is "We'll Mrs. Prim and Proper just eye-fucked the shit out of me"...asswipe
"We'll Mrs. Prim and Proper just eye fuck ed the shit out of me"
by cumguzzler October 27, 2006
437 306
When you are checking someone of interest out, pretty much undressing them with your mind and thinking about what it would be like ot fuck them. You're essentially fucking them with you're eyes.
Dude, that chick is totally eye-fucking me!
There's no one eye-fucking you.
by daniyg October 25, 2005
229 122
To scrutinize someone in a lecherous way.
When she saw the hot guy on the dance floor, she looked him up and down, eye fucking him.
by Adastra April 05, 2004
184 155