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Means making an eye contact with a person. Usually when you make an eye contact with somenone you know if she or he is interested in you or doing something with you. Thats also a method of seduction.

Joe:"Hey Billy i made an eye contact with that chick"
Billy: "nice"
Joe: " i think i'm gona go speak to her she looks interested in me"
by surrounded June 22, 2007
78 16
1. the ultimate source of awkwardness
2. an unspoken agreement
ex 1:
Steve: Oh dude I was just staring at that girl while zoning out.
Joe: Good thing you broke eye contact with her or she'd think you were a creep!

ex 2:
When the teacher announced that we were going to work in partners, me and Julie instantly made eye contact and nodded.
by onaboatmotherfucker April 05, 2010
27 15