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when someone licks your eye to the point of an extreme orgasm
HOT GIRL: I want to give an eye job to Ashton, but I think he's too hot for me
"damn dude, she gave mad road eye. i couldnt really see while i was driving, but i didnt care because IT FELT SOOOO GOOD!
by scotty 2 hotty May 05, 2004
To "skeet skeet" into ones eyes.
My girlfriend wanted a hot eyejob, so 'eye' gave one to her!
by Wes January 25, 2005
The act of making someone cum by a mere look.
When my bitch found out I´d been cheating on her with her sister, she gave me the best eye job ever.
by EnLaPlaya January 26, 2009
a man takes his eyeball, and inserts it into the partners vagina. he then goes on to roll it around until the female has an orgasm.
My girlfriend wanted to get kinky, so i gaver her and eyejob until her feet were shaking with pleasure.
by NICCCKKKK March 15, 2008
When a man masturbates over a woman's (or man's) eyeball until he cums.
"Dude there was so much cum in her eye after I gave her an eyejob."
by bxrtch102 May 13, 2015
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