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When you wake up in the morning, if you have crusties in your eye that is "eye gunk". Tends to look a lot like boogers.
i woke up in the morning and had eye gunk, it looked a lot like boogers.
by smurflinggrl May 28, 2008
The nasty gooey shit that forms in your eyes. It grosses people the fuck out. So if it's up in your eye wipe it the fuck off.
Bob umm Mary?

Mary Yes Bob?

Bob well umm you see the thing is.. .

Mary Omg Bob don't beat around the bush!

Bob Fine! Bitch you got some nasty fuckin eye gunk goin on!

Mary omg ewww!

Bob fuck.. thats grossin me out...

Mary Fml.
by stoned123 July 25, 2011

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