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1. An imaginary disease resulting from looking at something exceptionally ugly.

2. Actual cancer that originates in the eye.
Dude, that Geocities site totally gave me eye cancer.
#ugly #cancer #geocities #disease #hideous
by radiumbreath August 13, 2009
An imaginary disease in which an attractive person is attracted someone hideously ugly.

Note: Ugly people can have it, as well, but they have to think that they, themselves, are attractive.

Also see "Inverted Eye Cancer."
Guy 1: "Dude, I don't know, man, that girl's kind of cute."

Guy 2: "Bro, that's Lindsey! She looks like a horse! Do you have eye cancer or something?"
#grenade #ugly duckling syndrome #ugly #fugly #gross
by Anno The Sexy May 11, 2013
somebody has taken a very colorful shirt on, maybe ugly. its a pain in the eye.
oh my god, your shirt is like eye cancer.
#eye cancer #cancer #shirt #colorful #colourful #ugly #oh my god
by thewiththe March 28, 2010
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