This scene is all about being an 'emo' kid and a metalcore kid at the same time. If you like both genres of music then you are etrEMO.

extrEMO kids don't have to follow the normal 'emo' rules in terms of dress sense, depression and stuff. The main thing is that you be yourself and not a veiled, shallow and vain stereotype. You don't HAVE to cry, you don't HAVE to pretend to be Bi all the time. There's just one rule:

+Be true to yourself+
Examples of bands who are extrEMO:
+Bullet For My Valentine+
+Eighteen Visions+
+Shotgun Passion+
+Funeral For a Friend+

Ok you get the idea... Now the image:

As extrEMO is a mixture between the two scenes your image has got to include both.

*Detailed hair with artistic streaks of highlights*
*Tight Jeans*
*Tight trousers*
*Band tee's*
*Heavy scarves*
Ok thats just like a rough idea of some of the clothes you can wear. Just remember to look good and feel good.

There's alot of fashioncore involved also.

...:: Oh my God are you 'emo'? ::...
:::No, i'm part of the unique extrEMO scene:::
by Mikey Sorrow August 30, 2005
Top Definition
1. To look or act extremely emo.

2. A poser who takes the stereotypes of emo to the extreme thereby making any conservative emo kid seem like a fag.
1. Man that kid is so extremo.

2. Fucking extremo kids ruining emos name.
by Ryan Audet August 05, 2006
extremely emo, and not the hawthorne heights kind
woah, look at that extremo kid, i want to be him!
by ja y February 06, 2006
A term we came up with to denote something or someone that is on the exteme end of emo. One whose sole mode of opperation could be described as emo.
"wow, that's extremo"
by Niall January 05, 2005
NME 's word for any music with distorted guitars and some emotional content. Derived from the words emo and screamo / scremo but is mainly used to describe bands who do not sound like these genres, by people not in the know.
NME say that The distillers are the hottest new "extremo" band
by Mark France July 09, 2004
1. Violently gay music and or lifestyle.
2. Comitting acts such as vandalism in a very safe setting like tearing up your bedroom because your Dad never taught you how to live hard and be a man.
3. Letting a woman who hurts you cause you to scream, cry, act, and dress like a female vampire. See homo
If you are proud to be called extremo, you are proud to call yourself very gay, and that's super!
Genre of music similar to screamo but more experimental. Very emotional and the lyrics are violent.
Extremo can also be referred to as emo violence.
by xixamxveryxsxcxlolx April 02, 2006
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