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The absolute biggest and most absorbent tampon in existence made of a special cotton-polymer blend. This tampon is used by Kim Kardashian as well as other so called "voluptuous" stuck up women that make themselves the center of attention by being absolutely good at nothing and act as though they are constantly menstruating, or as more commonly know- "being on the rag", "having a period" or "having a visit from aunt flo." This tampon is not to be confused with a "super-plus" tampon which is usually made of pure cotton and is not capable of accommodating the volume of bloody and/or "semenous" flow produced by the women who use extreme tampons.
Damn, BP should have gotten one of Kim Kardashian's extreme tampons to plug up the oil spill, that shit would have worked for sure!
by Jenny M July 20, 2010
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