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A bodily state which mainly affects high school students, although it could apply to anyone of any age. Symptoms include nausea, random headaches, feeling lightheaded, feeling worthless, useless, lacking motivation, having no sense of direction, and decreased stool. Usually caused by someone having a holiday lasting more than one week, something like winter or spring break, and having said individual being a lazy teenager and not leaving the house. Video games on all day, movies being watched alone, excessive fapping, uncontrolled snacking, all a result of laziness. poor excuses may be made where the individual needs to "rest" because of the long school year. Just leave the house, get some fresh air, see some friends, and symptoms will lessen.
me: *waking up* holy shit it's already 3 pm? wtf am i doing with my life? I didn't even drink yet I feel hungover? I must have extended holiday syndrome. I need to get the fuck outta here

(texting a friend): fuck me i've fapped seven times today. what do I do now???
(friend): man.. i just want to go back to school now
by chinesemofo March 29, 2013
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