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Hillbilly for "espresso."
I asked for coffee on Ro-dee-o drive, but alls they had was expresso.
by Geoff_M August 24, 2010
37 7
what is thought by the speaker to be espresso. A common mispronounciation by those hoping to appear sophisticated.
I'll have two shots of expresso to help rid me of my ineptitude.
by Chach September 08, 2003
132 25
A made up word used by total dwankers who think that they are ordering a stylish beverage but have infact totally fucked-up the pronunciation. See espresso.
Preppie dwanker: "I'll have an expresso and my partner will have an expresso frappe latte strawberry with light cream and a twist of lime...cane sugar on the side."

Server: "What the fuck is an 'expresso?' And would you and your boyfriend like to serve your own sugar and cream over there by the pile of wood...this is an 'extreme getaway vacation' fruitloop; not Starbucks!"

by psiscott April 20, 2006
81 25
A strong, dark, caffinated drink for people on the go. Drank in small amounts. Small variation from the espresso. An amalgamation of the words 'express' and 'espresso'.
I don't have time to enjoy a coffee, so I'll have to have an expresso.
by Jin Guan Hoi To February 27, 2014
0 0
The French version of an Italian "Espresso". Weaker, with more water. Often used mistakenly to describe the Italian version and is the target of arch wankers who like to express their superior "correctness".
How to correctly order such a coffee: "Un expresso s'il vous plaît"

Wanker: "It's ESPRESSO, not EXPRESSO"
Frenchman: "Voulez-vous votre café ou pas?"
by Shakeshead October 07, 2013
5 5
any fancy Starbucks coffee beverage to go

Driving in to my cubicle today I stopped and got a frap'n'shot expresso. So I'm a little wired.

by dsimms May 01, 2008
28 45
When someone is ordering coffee and is in such a haste they pronounce Espresso like they are a black guy (or girl) and say Expresso...similar to Ask and Axe.
Customer: Can I have 2 small regular coffees with a shot of expresso in each.
Cashier: What are you...Black?
Customer: Yea nigga, what you want fool?
by The Black Guy March 25, 2007
14 45