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To kill by removing someone's skin, therefore making them melt. Extremely gross, and you should just use a gun.
Bob: Hey Kenthar, do you want to hear about how I expatriated this guy the other night?
Kenthar: How did you get in here?
by Kenthar October 12, 2003
6 29
A citizen of one country living in another.
In the early 1900's, Paris was the home of many American expatriates.
by gregbo October 10, 2003
52 4
I'm not sure what new hip meaning it has now, but in whiteyville it means:

One who used to live in this country but now lives in that country.
Sean Penn used to live in America, but he moved to France, because he's a hippie expatriate.
by Whitey the First October 08, 2003
18 12
A person living outside his or her country.
The American expatriates in Paris are gay.
by grab October 10, 2003
17 20