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Marijuana that is a step above crystal and beaster. Prices run higher for exotic. There is an obvious difference between exotic and B, which can be noticed by smell, consistency, and hairs. Also, much more potent. Certain strains of exotic have up to 26% THC content, whereas beaster will be much lower, i.e. 10%.
Is it exotic or just some beaster?
by DROC July 27, 2005
There are three basic qualities of cannabis. LO MIDS and XO or Exotic. Exotic being the best exotic is normally home grown and cared for from seed where as LO is mexican brick field weed and mids are basically XO that has been pollinated so all the energy that would go to producing high resin buds is now spent on the reproductive stage of cannabis and producing seeds instead.
Yo dat Exotic we smoked last night was that shit.
by Fat Water December 31, 2011
Very potent weed. also reffered to as dro.
Fuck that, last time we got exotics, we don't want your schawg.
by Efizzlenizzledizzle May 24, 2006
Just people talk for awesome.
"They called you exotic. That's just people talk for awesome. Which you are."
-Sterling Archer to Babou the ocelot
by Mister Weapons April 13, 2012
Exotic is a form or legal Ecstasy. It is taken in a pill form and originates from the Partypills scene in New Zealand.
Paul Oakenfold was bangin' out some killer tunes, I munched down an Exotic and got amongst it on the dancefloor.
by nzukdave January 18, 2010
Anywhere with lots of black people and big spiders.
Exotic Places:

by Pseudonym-ish August 04, 2009
Foreign, unusual, unique. Usually directed at something fresh, new, different, and cool.
A language like English or Spanish will come to a point where they are pretty much same-old, same-old, and no longer exotic. The minority languages in Europe, the Middle-East, Asia, and the like, are quite exotic.

Tha mi 'ciallachadh, an smaoinicheadh sibh gu bheil na Ceiltich cànanan coimheach? Gaeilge? Gàidhlig? Gaelg? Cymrig? Kernowek? Breizh? Smaoinichinn cho.
by Lorelili March 28, 2005
freaky, kinky, pleasureable, sex way thats new to you, funky sex, type of dancer with new "ideas"
i had exotic pleasure last night!
he fucked me so exoticly i thought i was in the jungle!
the exotic dancer got kinky last night with my man!
by pinkbabyfuck25 May 26, 2003