Foreign, unusual, unique (in a good way). Usually directed at something fresh, new, different, and cool.

Often refers to erotic dancing, but can refer to anything that seems foreign or unusual to the observer.
A language like English or Spanish will come to a point where they are pretty much same-old, same-old, and no longer exotic. They're still foreign, beautiful... but too common.

The minority languages in Europe, the Middle-East, Asia, and the like, are quite exotic.

Tha mi 'ciallachadh, an smaoinicheadh sibh gu bheil na Ceiltich cànanan coimheach? Gaeilge? Gàidhlig? Gaelg? Cymrig? Kernowek? Breizhoneg? Smaoinichinn cho. Th'iad air leth, àraid. Bhitheadh iad an ceòl nan leannan, nan neach-seinn, de rud sam bith nan leigeamaid iad bi.
by Lorelili March 29, 2005
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being from asia, south america, caribbean, mediterranean, persia, arabia, etc... basically, anyone with tan skin, black shiny hair, big lushious lips, can dance and gyrate, curvy and smart. Exotic people have mysterious, alluring and sensual eyes. ALL will surrender to those eyes when an exotic girl permits a guy she likes to catch a glance of them.
ASIA- Zhang Ziyi= exotic
SOUTH AMERICA/ CARIBBEAN- Adriana Lima= exotic
MEDITERRANEAN- Cleopatra= exotic
PERSIA- Shakira= exotic
ARABIA- Queen of Jordan= exotic
#hot #fun #unique #intimate #sexy
by emily g and aneeta b February 06, 2006
Anyone that is foreign and different, but beautiful at the same time, basically anything that is not white.
Look at that exotic girl with dark hair and big, brown eyes!
#exotic #sexy #beautiful #foreign #hispanic #indian #asian
by Ellis 7653 February 16, 2011
A strain of weed that is very powerful, and rare. Exotic marijuana inludes, but is not limited to, white widow, mango, purple haze, and northern lights. It really depends on location, and avalibility. Although one strain might be considered exotic in one town, it could be commonplace in another. Exotic weed is almost always the most expensive, and often the best available.
I was high after only one bowl of that exotic.
by alex February 23, 2005
Something/someone beautiful that's rarely seen: Aston Martins & Bentley's are exotic cars. Native American's, Gypsies, and natural redheads are exotic races/people, etc...
Racquel: Whoa, check out that hottie's full lips, high cheek-bones and caramel skin!

Denise: I know! he's so hot, and unique looking (exotic)
by yummyscrew April 12, 2005
An expensice, rarely seen car or make of car. Exotic brands include Ferraris, Aston Martins, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, Porsches (to a lesser extent), Bugattis, etc. Exotic cars include the Mercedes CL600 and SL600, and the BMW Z8.
There are all kinds of exotics in Miami.
by EJL April 18, 2004
There are three basic qualities of cannabis. LO MIDS and XO or Exotic. Exotic being the best exotic is normally home grown and cared for from seed where as LO is mexican brick field weed and mids are basically XO that has been pollinated so all the energy that would go to producing high resin buds is now spent on the reproductive stage of cannabis and producing seeds instead.
Yo dat Exotic we smoked last night was that shit.
#exotic #kind bud #xo #x.o #kush
by Fat Water December 31, 2011
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