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A fraction that you might have to deal with when doing a college-level homework problem. It doesn't necessarily have to contain X or any other variable, but it does have to have to be a numerator-denominator combination that you would not normally see in everyday life. The reason the number is written as a fraction is because writing it as a decimal would require imprecise rounding off and/or because it must be added, subtracted, or multiplied with a similar fraction.
Okay, so we just got through establishing that:

(61/99)X = (8/49) + (56/22)Y + (45/38) - (1/36)Y{(14/45) - (31/29)Y} - (2/7)X + (1/18)XX

can be simplified as:
(625/693)X = (2509/1862) + (1/18)XX + (22603/8910)Y + (31/1044)YY

which can be further simplified as:
X = (1738737/1163750) + (77/1250)XX + (1740431/618750)Y + (2387/72500)YY

*loud sigh* There!! Now that we're done with that headache, I don't want to see another exotic fraction for the rest of the day!
by Daedalus Suburbanus February 20, 2012
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