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Exeter Job Corps Academy AKA: EJCA is a place where juvenile delinquents such as myself & homeless kids come and get a so called 'education & job training'. most who attend here are 18+ and get treated as though they're 5 years old. walking on the grass: 5$ dollar fine, facial piercing: 2$ fine, cussing out a teacher whose being a douchebag to you: write-up plus a negative. The food here either makes you constipated or have to shit every 10 minutes. curfew is at 10 and you have to do major cleanup and clean up after a bunch of assholes you cannot stand. all the girls sleep with each other while none of the guys get laid unless you lucky. pretty much everybody is a scumbag or once was. the RA's barely speak English & only a few of them are actually decent and let you get away with shit. the security people think theyre the shit because they're higher authority than you. before you come here they make this place look so wonderfull wen really its a hellhole and a half. not to mention the weirdest creature and insects lurk there and ejca once was a part of the ladd school aka Rhode Island institute for the feeble minded. You get paid every 2 weeks and that 27.01 makes you soupt off your ass wen you get it then within 30 minutes its spent on Newports and a bottle of cheap vodka if you're staying the weekend there.
person 1: bro, did you here diane got terminated for smokin on no smoking thursday?

person 2: you serious? they gotta cut that bullshit we're all fucking adults nd if we wanna light a damn cigarette then so be it. fuck exeter job corps academy dude it's like we're incarcerated.

person 1: im sayin' dude .
by incarseration August 17, 2010
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