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1. To pardon one's self of foul language.
2. To pardon one's self of going against the grain of social establishment, political correctness, fundamental beliefs, or popular culture.
Pardon my french, but I dont really like shopping at the Gap.
by Reverend Chaos September 05, 2003
16 5
Said to someone after using a bad word.
"Excuse my french, but that was one big pile of shit!"
by Mr. X-106 September 04, 2003
12 4
Please excuse my subsquent phrasing. Normally suffixed by 'but', as in Ferris Bueller, circa 1986, "Pardon my French, but Cameron is so tight that if you stuck a lump of coal up his ass, in two weeks you'd have a diamond."
Excuse my french, but I'm so fucking lame I can't even quote John Hughes films right.
by September 05, 2003
4 1
when u cuss but there are little virgin ears around u and u dont want them to think u r a bad person
o man i fell down the stairs. it hurt like the first time i fucked. o excuse my french
by kelsey September 29, 2003
5 5
An expression that is often misused to mean to allow me to curse. In-fact it's supposed to refer to the fact that French is a very sensual language, and it's to be used after something sensual.
Pardon my french, but she's hot.
by Idoit November 04, 2003
6 7
what yokels say before they utter a 'cuss word'
Excuse my French, but I would like to fuck a bitch,
by Jacques Chirac November 01, 2003
2 3
An irrelevent phrase that is useless because the French have different words for the English cussing words.
Oh, I'm gonna say 'Excuse my French' because I just cussed but I speak English. :D
by Rebecca LaRue October 11, 2003
2 6