1. To pardon one's self of foul language.
2. To pardon one's self of going against the grain of social establishment, political correctness, fundamental beliefs, or popular culture.
Pardon my french, but I dont really like shopping at the Gap.
by Reverend Chaos September 05, 2003
Said to someone after using a bad word.
"Excuse my french, but that was one big pile of shit!"
by Mr. X-106 September 04, 2003
Please excuse my subsquent phrasing. Normally suffixed by 'but', as in Ferris Bueller, circa 1986, "Pardon my French, but Cameron is so tight that if you stuck a lump of coal up his ass, in two weeks you'd have a diamond."
Excuse my french, but I'm so fucking lame I can't even quote John Hughes films right.
by September 05, 2003
when u cuss but there are little virgin ears around u and u dont want them to think u r a bad person
o man i fell down the stairs. it hurt like the first time i fucked. o excuse my french
by kelsey September 29, 2003
An expression that is often misused to mean to allow me to curse. In-fact it's supposed to refer to the fact that French is a very sensual language, and it's to be used after something sensual.
Pardon my french, but she's hot.
by Idoit November 04, 2003
what yokels say before they utter a 'cuss word'
Excuse my French, but I would like to fuck a bitch,
by Jacques Chirac November 01, 2003
An irrelevent phrase that is useless because the French have different words for the English cussing words.
Oh, I'm gonna say 'Excuse my French' because I just cussed but I speak English. :D
by Rebecca LaRue October 11, 2003
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