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This isn't in an ancient language... It is a derivitave of French, and would be understood as 'excuse me, if you please' in most Cajun or Creole dialects. It is the same type of 'language' used in the French West Indies where it combined with African languages and isn't any more than 400 years old. If you think that qualifies as ancient, you need to go back to high school.
(In Acadian Baritaria, etc.)
Person one: "Excue e moi s vo plai, vu vaiy un chose pour me faiy boi(re)?"
Person two: "Excuse-moi, s'il vous plait, je ne parle pas Creole."

(In Africa)
Person one: "Excue e moi s vo plai..."
Person two: "Sorry, I don't speak French and I have no idea why you think you are speaking African you ignorance-monger."
by laisse September 18, 2006
This means 'excuse me'in Dionasfirgh language. Dionasfirgh is an ancient language which was used in Africa. Few people now know the language now. I am one of those people.
My name is Makaila. If you want to know anymore of this language conatct me
excue e moi s vo plai
by Makaila May 08, 2004
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