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To convince yourself (and the people around you) of the thought that "everything" used to be better with and about her/him.
Usually triggered after being turned down or a sudden realization of having been single for some time. Often starts of at a bar or café, resulting in excessive drinking and pondering.

People suffering from an ex-fetish often bore the people around them with stories from "the old days" when she/he was still around.
Example 1;
Dude #1: Check out the back on that honey!
Dude #2: Meh.. Sara's was much sweeter.
Dude #1: Dude, you didn't even look.. Do I detect an ex-fetish?

Example 2;
Dude #1: Dude, you want a beer?
Dude #2: -Sighs- I remember how Sara really loved her beer. I recall this one day when the both of us decided to..
Dude #1: -cuts off- Ex-fetish alarm! Just shut up and drink your beer!

by WandererMittens January 10, 2009
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