A guy who you once liked/loved but decided you were better off without once he cheated on you with a 14 year old. and lied about being in the military. Beware, they are notorious for pretending to change so that you will take them back, but in reality, they are the same disgusting, lying, cheating, pig that you broke up with in the first place.
My ex boyfriend tried to call me on new years to come see him, so instead of answering, I sent him a picture of me hanging out with my favorite Marine.
by Teddiann January 01, 2011
Something I will never have at this rate. Once you reach 18 without ever being kissed you are pretty much on the "old spinster" mailing list. And we all know mailing lists define our true selves.
I wish I could have a real person to breakup with so i wouldnt have to keep making up stories about ex boyfreinds that dont exist.
by looopyylydia August 12, 2005
1. Someone who convinced you at one point that you were the only one for them but then decided to dump you when times got rough.
2. Someone who put you on high pedestal in the beginning but then became unattracted to you when they realized they couldn't give you what you wanted. So they purposely sabotaged the relationship and made you look like the bad person in the end. And to fill the void, they pursued other woman quickly after the break-up (including a mutual friend) and convinced themselves that YOU weren't good enough for them.
3. Someone you meet up with after the break-up who apologizes for everything they've done, kisses you, hugs you, holds your hand, and tells you sweet nothings only to make excuses (at the end) and admit that they STILL don't want to be with you anymore and that you two aren't meant to be.
4. Someone who plays with your emotions because they know you're still not over them.
5.. Someone who won't realize they lost the best thing they were ever going to have until it's too late.
Ex-boyfriend: I took you for granted...I really missed you...you were the only girl who tried to understand me... *kiss* *hug* *holding hands*
(half an hour later) You're perfect..You're beautiful... I'm emotionally unstable... I don't know what I want in my life right now... I can't give you what you want... I want you to be happy... We're not made for each other, I don't want to go back out with you etc. etc.
by OrangeCranberry February 19, 2012
Someone who will want you back after they see that you are happy without them. They will also admit they were bad to make you feel better. He might admit that he's changed.
My ex-boyfriend started talking to me just because he saw my relationship status change. He told me he's changed... BS!
by musiclover_teen July 15, 2012
Someone who you shared a life with. During that life they cheated on you, snored in your ear, used your car, ate your food, smoked your cigarettes, lied, and ultimately owes you about 3-4 GRAND. They probably also broke up with you while they were hundreds of miles away on vacation, without an explanation, then you find out about "special someones", and the fact that they are with their ex baby mamas who used to be a fat whore, who did coke through their pregnancy and ever since, and has since become a skeleton thin, poor excuse for a mother, dick sucking, pizza pulling, crack head slut.
through it all they want to be friends, but expects you to sit there with a stupid fucking smile while they say how great *said slut* is and gets butthurt when you are seeing some one new.
girl 1-Remember that guy Angel I was madly in love with?
girl 2-The dick?
girl 1-Yeah, my new Ex boyfriend, he owes me 3-4 grand now, after breaking up with me while on that trip to Florida, and I think he is taking Faye back. Oh, and I need you to pee on this pregnancy test.
girl 2-Lets go kick her ass and leave this on his windshield.
by plentifulboosoms June 24, 2011
An ex boyfriend can be someone you have been with for a long time. For example: 4 years. Suddenly, one day he tells you "he can't handle you" among other shit including he fell out of love with you and doesn't care about you anymore..blah blah. however, if that's true..he wasted no time in getting mad over the fact that his ex girl slept out the first few nights after the breakup and assuming she met a new guy and was doing things. not even 2 months after the infamous break up he tells u "he needs to talk" but when u do, he's all like no i can't right now..then after that and trying not to get worked up he responds to a text u sent him about 5 weeks earlier and says everything he sed previously about having to talk and what not.."it was only what he was feeling physically--ahem..in his pants" oh what he sed about having to talk, he tells u to listen to a song with the lyrics of a song clearly saying i wish we never broke up (asking alexandria-right now) and then second song killswitch engage's this is goodbye and the ending lyrics of that song saying that ur strength was never enough.
oh..this boyfriend did everything (the break up) over texting (except asking u to listen to the 1st song "right now"-that was over facebook) but then said he wanted to c u n talk to u in person cuz after 4 years he owes u that out of respect. Get the fukk-outta-here
This ex boyfriend happened to be ur first love and ur high school sweetheart.
September 5th (almost 2 months after break up)
ex-boyfriend: hi
me:what do u want?
ex:just wanted to talk
ex:listen to this song..we need 2 talk
(listens to the song..me: (thinking) omg i can't believe it..

5 weeks later or so
ex responding to text from weeks ago: hey
me: hi
basically, he didnt mean a damn word about anything he proposed.
by college-girl November 07, 2011
A small-dick cuntface who you wish was no longer alive. They promised you they would never leave you and would love you forever and wanted to be with you for the rest of their lives and then they dumped you the next day and moved on like a year and a half intimate relationship was nothing.

He's also the person you secretly still love and would take back in a heartbeat.
My ex-boyfriend broke up with me over stupid things
by fuckyourself520 July 09, 2015
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