Men or immature boys who can't decide the difference between booty calls or a real relationship. They are like the lost boys from Peter Pan who choose to never grow up!
My ex boyfriend is a fag.
by anonymous one for the pages June 18, 2008
The boy you know you shouldn't like..
But you still do
I really wish he hadn't become my EX-boyfriend
by lafk December 21, 2006
The guy who cheats on you and then breaks up with you on your birthday because he "feels bad" and thinks "you desearve better"
My ex boyfriend is an asshole
by HelloDork June 21, 2009
1. A BOY that dump's you because he would rather play with his Star wars action figures(even tho he is 28).
2. A BOY that dumped you because he wanted to dress up like a Storm Trooper and you didnt want to be around for that.
3. Someone who wanted to screw all of you friends cause you took his virginity and you just werent "enough" (like he knew that the next chick would give him herpies).
4. Loser.
5. Waist of time/life/minutes I'll never get back.
6. is when you see him once every 6 weeks, and he swears you're the only girl he's ever loved and never cheated on, when really during those 6 weeks he's fu*kin every bitch that looks at him, and then lying to you telling you he is SLEEPING when he can't answer his phone, or it's off. Oh ya, and he also fu*ks the "study buddy" from school, and the neighbor across the hall! Fu*kin Marines! Think they'er the shit!
I didnt meen to screw you over I just wanted to screw her too! That makes you an "ex-boyfriend"
by Jaclynn, May-Ree and Alicia May 05, 2005
A smooth talker who broke your heart </3
by babygirl1212 February 12, 2009
the guy who says he loves you and would do any thing for you but yet he dumps you and then the week later he likes 6 of your best friends because his a man whore!! and now he still likes you and your six mates and more girls you don't know!!!!!

man what a back stabber
boy : hi baby i love you so much but i have to dump you because we "have more fun as friends" *cough* *lie* *cough*
girl : *cries*
now ex boyfriend : hi "girls" best friend i like you but i also like 6 other people
by ebsky December 15, 2005
a guy you once dated, but now either:
a. want dead
b. are "friends" with
c. hook up with every once in a while
d. have erased all traces that they ever existed in your life.
a. My ex boyfriend Jimmy should go play in traffic.
b. Bob and I are good friends now that all that annoying relationship crap isnt in our way. As long as he doesnt talk about his new girlfriend and how great she is...that is crossing the line.
c. We used to date but now we just fuck when we're lonely and/or bored.
d. Stephen who?
by randomlybored January 27, 2008

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