the one jerk you will always kinda love. that hurt you. that you gave a second chance to and he still hurt you! that will smile at you and wave then talk about you behind your back. the person you hope gets hit by a bus and wrecks his pretty little camero :)
One day day the ex-boyfriend is driving in his camero and "BOOM" he gets hit and it goes flying into a tree!
by laurenbell December 31, 2010
the dumbass you wish would get hit by a bus
ex-boyfriend was walking down the street one day humming a song to himself. "BOOM!" Gets hit by a bus. Somewhere in the world she gets a really big smile on her face :)
by tombonesarvharm September 03, 2009
an extreme asshole who, after you break up with him for being a huge cry baby and control freak who plans your life together, decides to go out and get a random girlfriend then Instant Message you randomly about how him and his friend, who is also your friend, were talking shit about you behind your back! YAY!
ex boyfriend: yo, me and sara were listening to my ipod and came across a song that reminded us of you
girl: what song?
ex boyfriend: puke by eminem, its a good song you should download it.
*girl looks up lyrics to puke and cries*
by Jessica Marie February 04, 2007
ROOT OF ALL EVIL! Jelousy causing event, that leads to the destruction of all men.
I just talked to my ex boyfriend...
- great! WHy don't u just rape me with the schuett cock since that completely makes me wanna .... erahh!
by jesta:--> October 19, 2003
1) former lover who either cheated, abused, decieved, etc. ....on partner for their own self-satisfaction or other stupid ass reason. 2) scheming prick with no care in the world about whether who he hurts; doesnt belive in commitment 3) only in it for sex and to brag with friends. 4) obviously not the right guy/boyfriend material 5) unfaithful
Jane has broken up with her EX BOYFRIEND after catching him making out with one of her co-workers at her job. Jane will no longer have anything to do with her unfaithful ex boyfriend.
by pinay08 November 14, 2009
what all girls hate
"Will you hold my laptop? I'm going to go hit my ex-boyfriend with a waffle iron,"
by ilyy February 09, 2009
Something I will never have at this rate. Once you reach 18 without ever being kissed you are pretty much on the "old spinster" mailing list. And we all know mailing lists define our true selves.
I wish I could have a real person to breakup with so i wouldnt have to keep making up stories about ex boyfreinds that dont exist.
by looopyylydia August 12, 2005

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