An ex boyfriend can be someone you have been with for a long time. For example: 4 years. Suddenly, one day he tells you "he can't handle you" among other shit including he fell out of love with you and doesn't care about you anymore..blah blah. however, if that's true..he wasted no time in getting mad over the fact that his ex girl slept out the first few nights after the breakup and assuming she met a new guy and was doing things. not even 2 months after the infamous break up he tells u "he needs to talk" but when u do, he's all like no i can't right now..then after that and trying not to get worked up he responds to a text u sent him about 5 weeks earlier and says everything he sed previously about having to talk and what not.."it was only what he was feeling his pants" oh what he sed about having to talk, he tells u to listen to a song with the lyrics of a song clearly saying i wish we never broke up (asking alexandria-right now) and then second song killswitch engage's this is goodbye and the ending lyrics of that song saying that ur strength was never enough.
oh..this boyfriend did everything (the break up) over texting (except asking u to listen to the 1st song "right now"-that was over facebook) but then said he wanted to c u n talk to u in person cuz after 4 years he owes u that out of respect. Get the fukk-outta-here
This ex boyfriend happened to be ur first love and ur high school sweetheart.
September 5th (almost 2 months after break up)
ex-boyfriend: hi
me:what do u want?
ex:just wanted to talk
ex:listen to this song..we need 2 talk
(listens to the (thinking) omg i can't believe it..

5 weeks later or so
ex responding to text from weeks ago: hey
me: hi
basically, he didnt mean a damn word about anything he proposed.
by college-girl November 07, 2011
Top Definition
A loser who you dated in the past in which you can now look back and only regret because you were way better than him anyway.

Written from (past) personal experience. Please examine yours (ex boyfriend.)
by pdrea April 26, 2007
a duche fuck who probably told you that he loved you and never wanted to let you go and then decided that you were too negative for him, even though he was the one bitching and whinning all the time about how he broke his leg and couldn't do anything, then broke up with you to go out with a whore he probably slept with in college, and broke up with you through a fucking email while you were on vacation because he was too much of a pussy to do it in person.
my ex boyfriend should lie quietly while i cut off each limb of his body with a small knife, so its long and painful.
by enigmaticsundry April 19, 2006
a guy you once dated, but now either:
a. want dead
b. are "friends" with
c. hook up with every once in a while
d. have erased all traces that they ever existed in your life.
a. My ex boyfriend Jimmy should go play in traffic.
b. Bob and I are good friends now that all that annoying relationship crap isnt in our way. As long as he doesnt talk about his new girlfriend and how great she is...that is crossing the line.
c. We used to date but now we just fuck when we're lonely and/or bored.
d. Stephen who?
by randomlybored January 28, 2008
Ex boyfriends are the enemy. They tell you they love you and then stab you in the back and it the heart and leave you for your best friend
Example? You want an example? How about my ex boyfriend calling me every day to tell me how much he likes my best friend, right after we had broken up, and then turns around and calls her and tells her he loves her, and it turns out she loves him too
by emmaroo December 30, 2004
1. He who must not be named, otherwise known as douche bag face.
2. He is the subject of conversation for an indefinite amount of time, but he's not worth wasting your breath.
3. That guy whose stuff you keep finding and burning (except the jewerly).
Kevin, Tim, Greg, Stephen
by [bombshell] February 04, 2005
a spineless jackass that is constantly surrounded by drama and must always be the center of attention, no matter the situation. he is usually followed by a crowd of little girls that fall all over themselves to make him happy so he gives them attention. when he is not receiving attention, he becomes extremely cranky. lies and deception follow. you are far better off without him. it is best to avoid him all together. become a lesbian.
"hey, i saw your ex boyfriend crossing the street last night."
"oh really? why didn't you hit him with your car?"
by juicy box April 05, 2008
a stupid fuck who must die at my hands, so to speak
I'm gonna kill my ex boyfriend if I ever see him again
by Thoushallspeakdaggerz March 18, 2006
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