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A community of real evil shooters...

You should not taste them !
You should not come in contact with them !
If you spot them just try to hide or run !
"Chaos, panic and disorder - Evil Fruits were here..."
by Evil Orange August 21, 2006
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1. Slang; denoting a condition whereby areas in the anal canal where the tissue, which contains numerous blood vessels, has become swollen. Other euphemisms used to describe such an ailment include; “Ass Grapes”; “Farmers” (from “Farmer Giles” cockney rhyming slang) and “Piles”. The medical term for this condition is known as hemroids. The condition was once alluded to in a musical composition in 1963 by a singer known as Johnny Cash in a song named “Ring Of Fire” (Copyright, Columbia Studios, Nashville); Excerpt: “….and it burns, burns, burns,…” et al.

2. A group of individuals comprised mainly of insomniacs and those suffering from varying degrees of dementia, who delight in extended periods of time bathing in low intensity radiation, while rapidly twitching hands and eyes alike. This group has also been observed talking to thin air, cursing loudly and throwing inanimate objects around there immediate location. They are best left alone and should not be approached unless absolutely necessary.
"No no, I can't sit down Fred, Ive got some evil fruits and they are burning like crazy today"
by Evil-Fruits|Fr1D4Y August 21, 2006
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A clan where all the qualitys of the words Evil and Fruits come together to P4WN YOUR AZZ!!!!1111
Fuck me I just got p4ned by the Evil fruits, the're rotten to the core
by Evil Lemon August 20, 2006
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The Bigest Badest Bf2 and farcry clan
Omg We got pwned by evil fruits... Lemon sucks
by Mardgee August 12, 2006
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i) A clan which by definition owns all

this can also be applied

ii)to the process of owning all others
i)I was like totally all over the server then, Evil-Fruits turned up andI knew I had to leave...

ii)OMFG I just got totally Evil-Fruited
by Evil-Fruits|R4zb3rry August 20, 2006
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