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A person who is evil and likes to be mean
and force people to do things for them,
including getting drinks, food, and medicine.
Often times, the evil person will tend to blackmail the other people
by threatening to take away things, such as air.
EP: J, get me my drink.
J: What? Why?
EP: Because I'm awesome and I told you to.
J:But what if I don't want to?
EP: Then you're not allowed to breathe.
J: Damn you!
EP: Do it!
J: Fine... God, you're an evil person!
by Makoto Chiyoru October 04, 2008
the path of destruction for the world, people think they are developing the world with their buildings and toxic waste? no they are inevitibly destroying their own creation. With them comes Armagedon and (world war III)these people also rape and pillage. one good example of this is Hitler... could be seen as posessed by the devil... they appear in everyday life, they steal your money, friends, and are often rude though they dont care much!
*Kathy has been shot by her best friend*
Kathy's best friend is an evil person
by Jewelia December 10, 2004
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