An improv/sketch comedy group in the SF Bay Area.
Evil Empire Comedy is dangerous to your health
by Rocky79 May 26, 2006
Top Definition
the soviet union

they made Hitler look like a fuckin "girl scout"
it's a sick fuckin world folks
by shakes head in disgust October 10, 2004
i work for the evil empire.
by yellowdevil August 21, 2003
Reference to the New York Yankeees made by Boston Red Sox President Larry Lucchino. Called such because of their propensity to purchase baseball championships year after year.
The Yankees are the evil empire of baseball with the highest payroll in baseball of almost $190 million.

However, the Red Sox, who refer to the Yankees as such, have a payroll of almost $130 million, second highest in baseball. Would that make them the almost-evil empire? Or, how about the jealous empire?
by ACG2x October 16, 2004
Wal-Mart, the retail giant.
Wal-Mart is such an evil empire. They crush competition, pay ridiculously low wages, and pass health care costs to their workers. They also make huge contributions to the Rebublican Party.
by kolohe61 November 16, 2005
Ugly copper-roofed monstrosities (buildings) situated in Coeurdifornia, Idaho on once-eautiful Lake Coeur d'Alene. Motto: Greed rules!!!
When the Evil Empire enticed Californians to move to north Idaho, it was the beginning of the end for Coeurdifornia (once known as the peaceful and beautiful Coeur d'Alene).
by Disgruntled Idahoan August 20, 2007
The New York Yankees. Since the Yankees have more money than God, and can freely spend whatever obscene amount they damned well please, some folks consider owner George Steinbrenner to be baseball's equivalent of Darth Vader, and the team to be the Evil Empire. Sucks for you. Go Yankees.
Crybaby Red Sox fans call the Yankees the Evil Empire because their team won't spend the money that they get from revenue sharing or luxury tax to field a competitive team. Sure, they broke the Curse in 2004, but what's their excuse now? Thay don't have one anymore. They just suck.
by Holden McKock September 04, 2006
1.rage against the machines second album
2. the usa where people dont know that theyre rights are being stolen from them and the govement monitors all of our activities. If our goverment made a profit off of killing americans, they would kill us all
1.rages new album is insane esp that song bulls on parade
2.America???the country where a monkey can fly a space shuttle yet george bush screws the country over?
by jeff July 25, 2004
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