An Open Source Cryptanalysis Engine designed to crack special to general implementations of classical ciphers. It currently cracks ciphers in 8 different and languages within miliseconds. The kernel algorithm is O(n) complete in terms of efficiency - the larger the cipher text the quicker it cryptanalyzes it.
EverCrack can crack that!
by Dr MindHacker December 19, 2005
Top Definition
A slang term for the popular MMORPG: Ever Quest. Evercrack jokingly refers to the games addictive replayability by comparing it to an addiction to crack.
"... No he can't make it, he's at home playing evercrack instead."
by Justin Chase July 06, 2004
a slang term for the online game everquest. evercrack is the term used to describe be the addiction that grips players. they play like they cant quit.
They skip meals and stay inside alot while playing.
Ryan Rader!(mom yells)Get up here and eat! You played all week without sleeping!
I'm not hungry mom.(Ryan replies)
It's like its crack or something!Evercrack is what i'll call it!
by R Sizzle April 25, 2003
the fastest encryption breaking
program on the planet
i use evercrack to solve the daily cryptogram
by Cory Michael Boston July 16, 2005
Referring to Everquest, probably the most addicting game in the history of the industry. Some losers play that shit all day. Not me tho ;P~ No way :P~
I gotta get my evercrack fix today! My damn 32 Iksar is stuck in gfay!
by rezzix November 14, 2002
an addicting game in which you run around, fighting computer snakes,a nd other people by hitting + and following them around, it is boring and pointless, plus you have to pay 9.95 a month, and you play it all the time
Patrick is such an ever-crackhead.
by Fuck you2 February 23, 2003
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