The exact moment in time between when a person realizes that they are going to have diarrhea and that it is inevitable.

In physics, the event horizon is the "point of no return" in which an object is caught in the gravitational pull of a black hole.
I'm having an event horizon and need to find the bathroom.
by FerdinandLB July 30, 2011
the area on the side of a girl's face where her make-up partially blends with her actual skin, though still in a very noticeable way.
T: hey did you see Maria yesterday?
N: yeah she had an event horizon going on.
T: i know it was so nasty.
by Dennycrumbubble November 16, 2010
The original definition is:
"The gravitational sphere of a black hole within which even light cannot escape"

However, recently, a new definition has risen meaning something completely different:
The Event Horizion is the point at which a person is too drunk or stoned to be able to function properly, yet alone remember anything the next day.

Dude 1: *takes-drag-from-J*
Dude 2: "Oh shit, you don't look so well..."
Dude 1: *falls-off-chair,-blissfully-passes-out*
Dude 2: "Damn that lucky bastard, he just passed the Event Horizon!"
by Fabian G December 23, 2008
Thick hair around the anus or vagina.
Look out!" she said, "Your hand is being pulled into the event horizon!
by Hirsute Adventurer June 01, 2010
Means a great movie and a great Medal of Honor player.
Comes from the name of the MOHAA player Event-Horizon (=UKS=, -UR-, and counting)
Could be shortened to Event, Venty, Hozza, etc.
Woah, he plays like Event!
What an Event-Horizon!
He just did an Event-Horizon
by Henry April 21, 2005
The thing that comes out of the stargate wen it its diales makes a woosh kind of sound.
Teal'c watch out for the event horizon
by gaz January 24, 2004
During the final moments before cumming, there is a point in time, that when crossed, there is nothing that could save you from not cumming.
You know that bitch, Sasha Fox, she gave me the event horizon
by Marko1337 April 06, 2016
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