Eve 6 is the first surviving product of the lichtfield experiment, an experiement created by the government to engineer, a superior army of highly intelligent and psychic superhuman clones all named consequtively Eves. The experiment failure lay in that though the Eves were of supierior intellect and possessed the desired psychic power, they were prone to anti-social and psychotic behavoir and were hard to control often serving their own secret agendas.
We enlisted Eve 6 to help us fight the terrorists, she cracked their cypher and stole their attack plans, but then she poisoned all our generals our snipers and disappeared into the wind with the terrorist's anthrax.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh January 28, 2010
verb - to eve6 - to spackle something, especially walls, with your and your bandmates jizm.
I was watching TV and Hilary Duff came on and I eve6ed all over the screen.

I was watching the new Olsen Twins movie and couldn't stop from eve6ing all over the walls.
by Jim Treier April 26, 2004
A really crappy band with very little musical talent.
Did you hear the latest Eve 6 song? Yeah, they sound like freakin' hippies. They suck.
by Viktor April 20, 2005

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