Eve 6 is the first surviving product of the lichtfield experiment, an experiement created by the government to engineer, a superior army of highly intelligent and psychic superhuman clones all named consequtively Eves. The experiment failure lay in that though the Eves were of supierior intellect and possessed the desired psychic power, they were prone to anti-social and psychotic behavoir and were hard to control often serving their own secret agendas.
We enlisted Eve 6 to help us fight the terrorists, she cracked their cypher and stole their attack plans, but then she poisoned all our generals our snipers and disappeared into the wind with the terrorist's anthrax.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh January 28, 2010
Top Definition
just wanted to clarify the above... "here's to the night" is not a remake, but an original.

a so-cal rock band who rose to fame with the single "inside out" in 1998, these three guys were barely out of high school. their second album, "horrorscope," saw its ode to a one-night stand, "here's to the night," adopted as the prom and graduation theme of 2001. in the summer of 2003 they released "it's all in your head," their third album, chock-full of the rock power we have come to love from these guys.
when i grow up, i want to be as cool as eve 6.
by hokis February 25, 2004
One of the best fucking bands ever. Best known for their remake of "Here's to the Night" and their hits "Inside Out" and "Think Twice".
"I'm going to go listen to Eve 6."
by KaiserMonkey August 24, 2003
One of the best bands in the world.
Eve 6 puts my heart in a blender.
by Jennifer December 25, 2003
one of ten perfected human females created during the cold war by the russians to make a superace capable of beating the americans. also became the name of a band
that is an eve 6 over there
by betterthanyou0000 July 14, 2005
eve 6 is an awesome band who are not sellouts
eve 6 is a kick ass band !!!!! !!!!!
by COTT PETERSON February 27, 2005
A band with unreasonable talent that wrote a few major hits and other kick ass song.
Dude Eve 6 owns my life they're so good.
by Wayne. February 21, 2006
3 hot guys who can jam it up baby...best band EVER
im going to have a huge orgy with the members (jon,max,tony) of eve 6.
by shannon April 02, 2004
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