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The gorgeous Irish actress who portrays Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter phenomenom series.She was cast in Feburary 2006.She is a die hard Harry Potter fan who always knew she wanted to be in the films, but when she found out about Luna, she knew it was her she wanted to be.She has two cats; Luna and Crookshanks.She used to have one called Dumbledore but it died.
Harry Potter Watcher:That Evanna Lynch is perfect for Luna, its all in the voice, a bit like Alan Rickman.
by Amiegh August 04, 2007
An extremely gorgeous 15-year old girl (i'm underage too so shut up) who will be playing the character of Luna "Loony" Lovegood in the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order Of The Phoenix.
Uhh, an example of Evanna Lynch is...uhh...Evanna Lynch?
by Gurbachen October 01, 2006
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