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When someone takes a crap that is so magnificent they cannot bring themselves to flush, and instead must show everyone they know this magnificent creation.
Bob: Joe! You must see this! Come with me! Something magnificent has happened!
Joe: Wow, ok
Bob: Look, look here at what I have created!
Joe: Um, wow, nice turd Bob
Bob: Nice turd? That is no mortal turd Joe, this is the Turd of turds!
Joe: Yeah, sure, I can see that. A true evangelical movement you've had there.
by I'm Pseudonym February 15, 2011
A group of fat, lazy, unintelligent, uninformed extreme right-wing conservatives overly concerned with pointless social issues and ignorantly blissful of the truly important matters at hand that could actually affect our lives.
-Class, explain to me the class structure of ancient rome.

-uhhhhh. . . Jesus?

-well, close enough.
by gunshow January 20, 2005