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Famous actress, big time Spurs fan and Tony Parker's future wife.
Hey, if I was Tony I'd be hitting that ass raw night after night.
by ChingyFanatic August 08, 2005
127 108
An actress best known for playing Gabrielle Solis on Desperate Housewives. I don't care what anyone says, she's gorgeous!
Eva Longoria is #1 in my opinion. Also, she supports the San Antonio Spurs
by Regina Filange June 21, 2005
491 196
Actress on "Desperate Housewives." She is absolutely gorgeous. Puts J.Lo to shame. Not even Eva Mendes can top her either. She is the #1 Hispanic beauty in Hollywood.
Who gives a shit about her acting. Just look at her!
by KyLe March 24, 2005
448 285
the only thing that makes Desperate Housewives worth watching
Person 1: Wanna watch Desperate Housewives?
Person 2: What the hell is that?
Person 1: Who cares, Eva Longoria is in it!
Person 2: Turn it on!
by fdsgsdfgdsfgfds August 14, 2006
166 79
The most talented and beautiful actress in the world. Eva has such a youthful glow she can play diverse roles ranging from a high school student in one movie to a club dancer fleeing the law in another film all the way to a housewife.
Dang, I wish I ran across Eva Longoria's path before Tony Parker did.
by Piranha April 20, 2006
210 123
Most famous for playing the roles of "Gabrielle Solis" on the hit TV series Desperate Housewives.......and she first hit it big when playing the role of "Isabella Brana Williams" on the number one rated soap opera in the US The Young and the Restless from the years 2001-2003

She was married to General Hospital star Tyler Christopher....

She is also known as..
Eva Longoria Christopher
The best actress in daytime & primetime is Eva Longoria.
by Stanton St. Stafford March 26, 2005
144 103
A term used by most males as their "wife"
Eva Longoria is my wife.
by dirk_diggler4564 November 10, 2007
24 46