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A Eurobag has a continental "charm" all wrapped up in that manner that's similar to the American douche, but different in just a few sigificant ways.

In general, is very cheap but occasionally splurges on purchases such as: Oakley sunglasses, expensive cologne, and greasy hair products.

Uses incorrect English.

They often sport: faux hawks and various spikey hair styles.

Products of choice: MUSCLE MILK, creatine, veet, and bronzer.

Sidenote: Paris is the European capital of douchebags.

(Ancestors were Viking warriors.)
Girl1: Did you see that conceited douchebag over there?

Girl2: Yeah...the one with the faux hawk in the sweater?

Girl1: YEP. That is a eurobag at its finest.

*Please google "hot chicks with douchebags" for more examples.*
by Tropical Ass Pear January 23, 2010

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