A car imported from Europe and tuned to the max. Not a Ricer but a Euro. Euro has a higher status but a European car can become a Ricer if its driver is a dumbass piece of shit.
"Dude, get that magazine, Euro Tuner."

"Look at that Euro, tight."
by Enzo Ferelli April 09, 2005
Money of the Europeans since the use of different country currencies were too much of a hassle to change. Also refered to as "Stupid Play Money" By Vincent Margera(Viva La Bam) and is usually found in Monoply boxs and comes in colors ranging from White, pink, green, orange, yellow and blue.
Bam Margera: "You owe me One Hundread dollars!"
Don Vito: "Fine! hablafijja mujja, takes 'yer stupid play money!"
by Roujine May 23, 2005
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