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a teenage boy or young man from europe. they are well-dressed, sophisticated, and extremely attractive. they tend to be far more polite than american boys, which is part of their eurocharm.
if they are french, expect cheek kisses.
oh my god, that gorgeous guy just held the door for me. and did you see his clothes?? he is definitely a euro boy.
by norrie November 21, 2006
The lead guitarist of the Norwegian band Turbonegro.
Real name, Knut Schreiner.
Also, a musical genius who fronts the more artsy/spacey/psychedelic Norwegian pop band The Euroboys.
Tall, about 6'3, slender build, green eyes, hair color ranges from blonde to brown. As of last sighting hair was brown.
Can be spotted wearing anything from non-descipt stripey shirts and jeans to more makeup than your average drag queen and a nazi uniform. Also seen sporting a rodeo clown type get up.
Very pleasant disposition and smiles alot depending on substances comsumed.
Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Euroboy kicks ass!
Euroboy is HOT!
by lil birdy September 17, 2005
A person that comes from europe, has alot of hair gel in their hair, and listen to a heavy amount of commercial house songs (like Avicii, Martin Garrix or David Guetta)
The word originated from Denmark
''Erich only has Animals and Tsunami on his playlist, what a Euroboy!
by FLAGZ July 14, 2014
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