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Also referred to for Edmonton (in Alberta, Canada) and Elizabethtown (in Kentucky).
I live in E-town.
We're going to E-town.
by Nanea March 27, 2005
1) (noun) Elmville, ON.
2) (noun) Where all the hot boarder guys hang out.
1) Whee hew E-Town's tha shit!
2) There's so many hot guys in E-town, I wet myself whenever I go there, 'cause I always see one!
by Aisha-Rockelle December 07, 2003
A small Redneck town in south-central Pennsylvania, where all the hicks fly Confederate flags even though E-town is north of the Mason-Dixon line.
Oh my, look at that guy, He only has 2 teeth and 7 fingers! He must be from E-town!
by Rich Johnson December 06, 2003
This is a small town in maryland where it is mostly known for its rednecks and hillbillys. It is a common sight to see some people lounging out next to the route 40 with a beer in one hand and are wearing either a wife beater or no shirt at all. Watch out for flooding since it always does here.
Elkton, Maryland
by SAVE ME November 23, 2003
coming from the greek word elkhorn.. its a city in nebraska
Dude those ballers are from E-town.
by Nolan H March 04, 2009
A slang term for the LEAST ghetto town in the United States of America, Elmhurst, IL. Also referred to as "The Hurst".

E-Town, is THE town.

Elmhurst is a lovely community in DuPage county Illinois. Everyone here is well off, and just likes to pretend that their "gangstas". In reality, this is far from the truth.
Rich White Kid: I'm from E-town
Real Gangster: Say what?
Rich White Kid: You heard me G
Real Gangster: Where the f*** is that bro?

*Rich White Kid gets shanked with a rusty spork*
by annnnnnnnnonymoussssss November 30, 2008
The Town of Esquimalt, part of Victoria, B.C., Canada. Also known as "Esquampton".
"Let's roll down to E Town and get some 40s and some hoes."
by esteban calvillo December 14, 2007