The one, the only, Evanston IL
I'm from the mean streets of E-Town, a.k.a. Church and Dodge
by JBAX September 26, 2005
1) (noun) Elmville, ON.
2) (noun) Where all the hot boarder guys hang out.
1) Whee hew E-Town's tha shit!
2) There's so many hot guys in E-town, I wet myself whenever I go there, 'cause I always see one!
by Aisha-Rockelle December 07, 2003
Edison New Jersey, a thriving metropolis in central Jersey, probably the wildest town on the East coast. There is a vast range of communities and neighborhoods ranging from the super-rich, to the projects (holla at ma brothaz and sistaz in pottaz) E-town has all kinds of fun stuff to do for residents of all ages! Malls, bowling alleys, drugs, community centers, strip malls, Indian parades, movie theatres, parks, and cheap hookers. E-town is also conveniently located right next to the world-famous “Little India” shopping district, home of Ritu Fine Jewlers, Patel’s Cash & Carry and many more. Aside from its rich cultural background, Edison is famous for its avid nightlife and party scene. Whether you’re looking to go for a late afternoon drive-by shooting, early morning drug deal, quiet walk in the park, trip to the local shopping center, or catch a late night dinner&movie with that special someone, e-town is the place for you.

E-town is Home Of:
Crack babies
Sno hustlas
Thriving MC's
100% FCUKiiN GUiiD0S
1/2 the indian population of the US
residents of death row
PC (Pottas Crew)
Jarpeeth and Bopshrii were discussing the loss of their good friend Sam AKA Young Geisha due to a tragic driveby on her way to a shady party at an abandoned house in E-Town.
by guns n r ac September 10, 2006
everybody know easley, south carolina
i'm puttin e-town on tha map!!!
by ASHLEYw864 August 29, 2006
The ONE, the ONLY, Englishtown, NJ. In Old Bridge Township. Home of Englishtown Raceway Park, record setting NHRA dragstrip for the Super Nationals!

E-town is also home to a huge flea market.
Are you going to the Supernats at E-town?
If your wife doesn't like the drags, she can go to the E-town flea market.
by Fuelie April 09, 2006
Local slang for Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Recently brought to attention by a major film of the same name. It is in a dry county and has a rich history of bootlegging. Not very friendly to anyone who is not white and wearing pastels. Borders on Amish country and has a bajillion baptist churches. Very likely, no one there has ever used the urban dictionary.
1: goin' to E town to visit the grandparents.
2: have fun with the livestock and watch out for them locals.
1: it's cool, i brought a fifth and took out the septum ring.
by Lilput February 06, 2006
Also referred to for Edmonton (in Alberta, Canada) and Elizabethtown (in Kentucky).
I live in E-town.
We're going to E-town.
by Nanea March 27, 2005

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