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Syndrome applying to those of minority descent after ingesting large quantities of food. Results in laziness, fatigue, inability to properly function, etc.
"I just ate lunch. I now have ethnic fatigue. There's no way I'm getting any shit done."
by Sophia Rivers July 07, 2008
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1. Refers to a state of being, where one has become sick and tired of hearing minorities complain about their plights.
2. Refers to a state of being where one is tired of exposure to the offensive actions of certain minority individuals who behave in such a manner as to rub their ethnicity in one's face in an insulting or unpleasant manner.
1. Just hearing Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson's voice gives me ethnic fatigue.
2. Those nigger thugs with the gangsta look and the offensive noise on their radios are causing me a great deal of ethnic fatigue.
by hanksbeer August 17, 2008

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