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very lame. the lametest of lame. below poverty and the total opposite of wealthy.
Yo did you see where that kid stays at that shit is straight ethiopian son! he should be lucky to date that poverty girl.
by vafabwhtgrl December 31, 2007
100 398
1. an amusing insult towards a friend or other. Meaning they smell like a turd, never eat, and walk around naked in a dusty land.

2. someone coming from ethiopia, usually having a name that comines clicking and clucking sounds from the mouth.
Person a: Omg, you stole my subway you fucking ethiopian, go get your own foor..jeez

2.Starvin marvin
by [Cyber Pirate] October 21, 2006
106 406
A person of Ethiopian nationality. They usually try to steal food from the U.S. and other first world countries. Very skinny. Can be used to describe someone who is very skinny.
Kevin is such an Ethiopian!
by MAJORpizzayne February 23, 2008
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