the incorrect way of saying stupid said by a hispanic and pronounced EH-STU-PID when you hear this please correct ur chent friend if u do not know what chent is look it up since ur already on here
ey' that estupid biitch took my fakin pencil
by a very botherd high class spic February 15, 2011
Top Definition
short for spanish word "estupido", used to describe stupid people or things.
Jose is so bad at halo. He's an estupid.
by Schwanzey November 07, 2012
beaner version of `stupid`
when Carolina tripped over her shoe,
Maira said, "estupid!!"
by Maira March 23, 2007
The word, term, that Latin people write in representation of stupid the english spelling. In phonetical terms, estupid is the adequate word that should be used.

What Milosi calls Evier when he tries to be nice to her.
Milosi told Evier he was estupid when he said she looked cute!

Briant is always estupid!
by Evier Tabora April 22, 2006
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