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a bad ass motherfucker. insane skater. they call him "j. rod"
dude oh my god that estuardo just fuckin' tre-flipped that 100-stair man. he's ma idol.
by your name is already used January 02, 2009
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When a person gets so much semen stuck in their small intestine that they become constipated indefinitely. The only known cure is to wait until a massive amount of fecal matter is generated and creates enough pressure to break through the semen wall. This usually results in the expulsion of massive feces that have been known to be as large as 6 inches in girth.

Gay men have be known to estuardo each other in order to their anus.
"Hey dude, can you help me out and give me an estuardo? You're dick felt a little too tight last night."

"Man we have to stop fucking so much, I think you gave me an estuardo."
by andresalaz February 21, 2015

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