A muppet with no soul (becuase to be an estate agent you have to sell it) that screws you over for every cent you have. He has no mother as he as already sold her and he knows where you live.
"That F&%&king estate agente ripped me off."
by James January 18, 2005
Top Definition
A highly stupid non-professional white collar worker with a complete absence of communication or organisational skills. Able to charge a fee for either doing f*ck all, delaying every transaction or movement involving property, or just generally being an annoying c*nt. Couldn't organise an explosion in a bomb factory.
"Quick, reload your high calibre rifle, there's another one of those estate agent c*nts trying to mug that blind, deaf and dumb pensioner"
by j_w_pepper October 03, 2005
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