electronic sports, computer gaming played at a skilled and competitive level.
The CPL are an important organisation in the esports industry
by xei September 03, 2004
Top Definition
E-sports is electrion sports meaning sports played online mostly. E-sports is getting bigger everyday with online leagues and competitions for money. One of the largest e-sports league is CAL- (Cyberathlete Amature League) and biggest place to play against the best of the best is at CPL (Cyberathlete Professional League).
I have no life so I compete in e-sports.
by alex braczynski January 15, 2005
pretty much another term for competitive video games. theyre not sports, but only considered sports by nerds that want to be atheletes.
i sit on my ass all day eating pancakes. my brother and i have pancake eating contests, the person who eats the most pancakes wins. i train nonstop, its tough because you get sick of pancakes after awhile. i guess that means eating pancakes is a sport. im an athelete. i guess thats the same with competitive video games then, i sit on my ass moving my finger, so video games are e-sports.
A word used by professional video games players in an attempt to justify and prove that playing video games is, in fact, sport. They do this in order to make themselves feel better for having been shit at real sports throughout their lives.
Man 1: Well, I play eSports professionally.

Man 2: You dick.
by Derek The Trojan August 14, 2008
eSport: A non-traditional sport involving any highly competitive and popular video game. A standard eSports gathering generally involves a large number of professional-level players competing against each other in a wide variety of tournaments, sometimes competing for tens of thousands of dollars. eSports are widely gaining popularity and acceptance as a respected position in many facets of the world. Fans of the differing games involved in eSports generally support the ideal that eSports involve just as much or more skill than many traditional sports.
StarCraft: Broodwar and StarCraft 2 are cornerstones of the eSports community.

Famous eSports tournaments involve the World Cyber Games and Major League Gaming events.
by MeeMeesiko June 13, 2011
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