a genre of music found solely in south / east london, uk that has its roots in garage and 2step. it has a distinctive "icy" beat that is kinda eclectic and jumpy, and all the beats are spat over by MCs. beats are usually recycled and spat over by loads of MCs - for example, wiley's "ice rink" beat was spat over by about twenty different underground and mainstream MCs. can also mean cold-hearted, shady, mean, brass, etc.
that boy is eski - he's ~bad~
by dj no talent April 23, 2005
Top Definition
A particular type of Grime (dark UK Garage, AKA Sublo) pioneered by MC Wiley. Although the name was made up by Wiley, Eski grime tends to be innovative and bouncey sounding (eg Igloo or Eskimo)
Soundboy rinsin dat eski beat
by MC Reefa March 24, 2004
Short for ESKIMO
1. A form of urban music
2. A cold hearted person
3. cold weather
4. something that is good and has appeal
1. Did you hear that new eski tune
2. That boy is eski
3. Its eski outside
4. That hat is eski
by Wiley December 17, 2003
A cooler, usually used for beer at a barbie.
-Hey did you get the ice for the eski?
-Bugger, I forgot...
by julz R. March 03, 2007
eski is short for eskimo
eskis are cool and have a secret organization and make plans
some famous eskis are the ice climbers

eskis are also capable of forming their own languages and reading minds

a popular eski "word" is: EKA... but only eskis know what that means
the eskis taking over the world has been the best thing that has happened to this planet, i wish i was an eski!
by eskis July 10, 2008
another word for a pervert coming from the name eskiboy aka wiley who was stated to be a "eskiboy pervert"
eeerrr goin out wid a year 8 wen we in year 10 iz eski blud

errrr ur eski sheez in year 7
by SWEETNESSking February 22, 2009
To be coldhearted
He is so eski he would laugh when his mother dies.
by Red December 18, 2003
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